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tom aimar

These are photos of me doing energy work... notice the red light energy in the after photo.

energy work

energy work

Tom Aimar

Born and raised in San Francisco, I have been a resident of Venice since 1985 and a Care Giver for over 27 years.

I am a metaphysical energy worker who channels energy through my spirit guides.
Some of my guides are:
The Highest Power In The Universe, the Ascended Masters, the Angels and the Archangels.

Two special Archangels who help me everyday are:
Michael who protects me,
and Rafael who sends healing energy through me. All of my guides form a collective called The Power of One.

Spirit has given me other gifts as well that I use in my daily life to help others.

When I do my energy work, I always ask Spirit to send through the energy for the highest good of the person receiving it.